Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Recent Pictures

Beckett's a mustard lover like his mom! Just kidding- He just has octopus arms these days and grabs everything in sight to try to put it in his mouth. Also, he loves going to visit his Granny on Tuesday nights. She enjoys watching him do all his tricks for the first time at her house.
We took Beckett to Branson last weekend and he was so good while we shopped. I guess we didn't feed him enough because he's trying to eat Poppy's arm at lunch.

This picture is for Sarah. Whenever I hold Taylor I drop food on her. So no that's not a birthmark on Beckett it's salsa I dropped on him.

Ladies' Man! He was trying to hold Baby Samantha's hand.

Check out the cute snowboots that Beckett got to wear when there were a few snowflakes. Thanks Kim!
My nephew Ethan is hard to catch with a regular smile these days so I hope to blackmail him one day with this picture.


Lori said...

He just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Gilmore family said...

it does make me feel better that my kid isn't the only one you make smell like food! :) Can't wait to see Beckett next week!

Becca Barnhart said...

Oh my goodness, these are all precious. I love the one up top best with granny, he looks more like a little boy than a baby it that one, well, a little boy with no teeth, but still, he is growing so fast!