Monday, April 13, 2009

Photo shoot with Aunt Flash

Aunt Flash took Beckett's picture a couple of weeks ago. We were really surprised how good he was for the "shoot." I set him in the grass and he started posing. I am not sure why he started doing his hands like that but it was pretty cute. He hasn't done it since! Thanks Aunt Flash for the amazing pictures! I am pretty sure Beckett wouldn't have many pictures at all without you!


Lori&Kevin said...

Aunt Flash is awesome - those are good!!! Of course, the subject is precious!! these are really gonna give Kevin baby fever! ha!

Becca Barnhart said...

Look at those teeth! He is so precious!!!

Margaret and Marc said...

Jill-Beckett is SO precious and I think he looks JUST like you! I love the hand pose! :) I hope to see all of you soon...I feel like it's been forever!