Sunday, May 31, 2009

Reasons I am glad I am not Bradley

"I don't like the pink wall."
Watching is even better with cheerios!
"I guess if I can't help, I'll just watch!"

Reasons I am glad I am not Bradley:

1. Don't want to take 4 summer school classes
2. Don't want to have to redo our dining room
(After taking down two layers of wallpaper, refinishing the wall, priming it twice, painting it red with 4 coats it peeled off) NOW he's had to peel off the red paint with the huge help of my mom, mud the wall, tape it off and "reprime" so that the paint people can come look...ALL while trying to study for all the quizzes and tests he has...

The cutest thing was that he's been so busy and I think Beckett's missed him because everytime he got a chance he was trying to get in the room with him. I finally just put him in the doorway so he could watch.

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Lori said...

I wouldn't want to be Bradley right now either with that paint job!!