Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Days

We've been having a busy but fun summer! Here are some pictures of what Beckett's been doing lately.
Playing with cousin Taylor
Loving every minute he gets to spend outside

Celebrating Father's Day

Attending his first of many baseball games I am sure of!

Swimmin in the pool and the lake for the first time

Getting his hair cut...My son with um...lots of I guess you would call it personality.
Thanks Flash and Bebe for taking him!

Other exciting news!
My future daughter-in-law was born on Sunday! (Check out Little Owens on my sidebar to see how beautiful she is!) My sister, Jennifer, is coming tomorrow!! Yipee!!! Bradley is out of his office after studying constantly for the last 5 weeks and I get my husband back! We are getting ready to spend time at the lake and then going to Florida soon. Let the vacations begin!


Lori said...

No summer II classes? Awesome!!
Loved all the pics! I am sad today that it is July 1st already...summer goes too fast!! See ya Saturday - I'll go check out Beckett's future wife! ha!

Becca B. said...

Great pics, looks like you guys are having a great summer. I second Lori's sentiment, summer is going by WAY too fast!

Kari said...

Thanks for the shout out to my blog! I'll be posting "Beckett's Girl" pics soon :) Love that haircut picture and the new blog header is really cute!