Monday, December 28, 2009

What a fun Christmas 2009!

We had a very fun and busy Christmas! We spent Christmas Eve at Bebe and Pops with Granny, the Gilmore's and the Coates. After doing presents at our house Christmas morning we went back to open presents with Bebe and Pops and the Gilmores and ate Christmas lunch. Then we drove to Hot Springs and did Christmas with BamBam and Poppy, the Kings, Foo Foo and Jo Jo, Aunt Mel and Ron, the Coverts, and the Tuckers. It was wild and crazy and Beckett didn't want to miss a thing! This Christmas will go down and the Christmas all we did was play games! From Farkle, to ping pong, to Big Twos, to Nertz, to Wii, to Smart***, WE PLAYED IT ALL!!!! Here are a few pictures I had.
Beckett waiting his turn to play in the Ping Pong tournament. Congrats to Jennifer for the win!

Playing ball boy...

Helping BamBam or "Mah" find the remote.

Picking the next Wii game to play.

Ethan's armed and dangerous pose.

Opening his favorite Chrismas gift from the Gilmore's

Two cute toddlers going strong at Bebe and Pop's house

First trip through the tunnel Santa brought

Trying to figure out what was in the stocking that was actually for him...

Christmas morning picture 2009

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