Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beckett's First Christmas

Looking at the pretty lights on the tree

Granny with her two great grandchildren
Check out all the "loot" from Bebe and Pops!

TayTay and Granny talking

"Is all that for me?"
What Santa looks like on Dec. 26th

One of Beckett's gifts that Santa brought to Bambam and Poppy's

Beckett's first Christmas was a very busy one! We spent the weekend before Christmas with Bradley's family. It is so much fun having two babies so close to the same age. We took them to the Capital and let them admire all the beautiful lights. On Monday, Beckett and I went to Hot Springs and hung out with my family. We made Christmas goodies, shopped, and played lots of games. Beckett was very entertained with watching everyone, especially my nephews. On Christmas Eve we went back to Little Rock and went to Granny's church and celebrated with Bradley's family. Then we spent the night at our house and got up early to head back to Bebe and Pop's for Christmas breakfast and the opening of presents. (I bet this is the last year we have to wake him up on Christmas morning!) On the road again...Christmas afternoon we headed to Hot Springs and had Christmas dinner with my family. Santa brought Aidan and Ethan a Wii so the next few days were filled with Mario Cart and a new card game Joanna taught. Christmas 2008 was a blast and having a baby to share things with makes everything so much more special!

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LOVE that Santa suit - too cute!