Saturday, January 10, 2009

Late 6 month Stats

Have I mentioned I already taught Beckett to read?
(hehehe- he's just trying to decide which page to try to eat)
Weight: 17.3 lbs
Height: 28 inches
one tooth but working on two more
Can do the inchworm across the floor
Nosy and wants to be in mom and dad's business
Loves squash but hates peas
Puts EVERYTHING into his mouth
Loves to laugh and giggle (most of the time for no reason)
Pulls your hair and it hurts
Night Owl (likes to sleep all morning though!)
Makes a great pouty face
Has "happy hair" as his doctor calls it: She even took him out of the room to show the other doctor's his hair~
Still cute as can be!

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Lori said...

Glad you are back!! You gotta blog or scrap or I will hound you!! ha!