Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beckett's first Valentines and battle scar

Check out my first bruise in the middle of my forehead!

Does anyone know where we can buy an infant helmet? Seriously, I am thinking a minature baseball helmet is what we need. Last night when I put Beckett to be he had:

-fallen and hit his head on a tile floor

-fallen into a metal coffee table leg

-hit is head on the wall

All while someone was watching him! Lately, he is balancing on his knees and looks stable and then topples over.

Beckett loves the balloon BamBam bought him. For Valentines Beckett had a date with his BamBam. They ran errands and he got to see his Nonee while Bradley and I went to the races.
It was such a nice day!


Gilmore family said...

ahhh cute! Is he filling out? His belly looks bigger in that first photo but I can't tell if it is just the photo. Maybe he won't be a bean pole anymore. :) can't wait to see him in 2 weeks!

Lori said...

Yay - a mommy & Beckett picture!! You two are gorgeous! :-)

Foo Foo said...

Check out that belly - a true DeMott!

Margaret and Marc Doose said...

Beckett is so cute and he is growing up SOOOOO fast! I hope that y'all are doing well, and would love to see you soon!