Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This goes down as the...

WORST PHOTO SHOOT in 9 months!
Taking Beckett's picture sure is a lot harder than it use to be! Here's what he's up to these days:
-speed crawls everywhere
-pulls up on anything he can
-crawls up stairs at Bebe and Pops
-if I start the bath water and put him down in the kitchen he's there before I am
-survived his first ear infection (I did the new mom thing and we waited 4 1/2 hours at the Pediatric Care Center at Baptist on the night of the season finale of the Bachelor to find that out!)
-hate to admit it but he says dadadada and NO mama yet!
-eats some foods like banana's, crackers, and mashed potatoes while making awful faces
-weighs 19.5lbs
-loves outside and chasing Ms. Nancy's cats
-gives a cheesy grin when told "no" or "stop"
-looks just like Bradley at this age (exactly same hair)


Jill said...

Hilarious! Would make a good flip book! Give him a huge hug and kiss from Flash!

Gilmore family said...

Ok, not sure how I managed to post as you..but the first comment is from me...Aunt Flash. sorry