Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crab hole, crab hole, I found a crab hole!

Ok, so probably only Michele and I will find that title funny but I just couldn't resist. The beginning of August my family went to Fort Morgan and it was Aidan and Ethan's first time at the beach. They were so cute and loved crab hunting at night. Michele and I got so tickled because Ethan would belt out "Crab hole, Crab hole, I found a crab hole" whenever he found one!

Aidan and Ethan during the big hunt.
Beckett says enough talking MommaShelle!

One of my favorite pics!
BamBam entertaining Beckett since it was about 3 hours past his bedtime.

Three kids waitng to go for a ride.

Chris trying to squeeze in the bumper boat. The funniest thing was this 12 year old girl followed them the whole time sqirting them. The boats go slow and Chris couldn't do anything about it. Too funny!


Lori said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Your nephews are so cute!!
And, Beckett, I could just eat with a spoon!

Margaret and Marc said...

I love the caption (and picture) where you wrote that Beckett was telling Michele to be quiet! :)