Monday, August 3, 2009


You just gotta take a nap.
You gotta find a good place to read.

You gotta get in touch with your girly side.

Well Beckett's almost 14 months so I should probably post his 12 month stats so I don't forget them and so I have some sort of record of them.

1. Weight: 21 lbs (20%)
2. Height 34 inches (81%)
3. 8 teeth
4. Lover of any type of carbs
5. Been know to sleep until 9:30 or 10:oo am (wish that would last...)
6. Can't get enough of the outside
7. Has the toughest feet- walks on rocks!
8. Is either laughing or whining
9. Loves to wrestle on the floor
10. Talks a lot but we still don't understand much of what he says
11. Can give open mouth kisses but they are pretty hard to come by
12. Still on the move 10 hours a day...The rest of the time he's asleep!

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